Torn Edge started by specialising in making exceptional quality cards for all occasions. But we could not restrain our design urge: now we do prints and fabrics as well!

Our unique cards and prints add a contemporary twist to the traditional process of embossing. They stand out with their clean, minimal look.

The cards will particularly appeal to people searching for a distinctive design to mark an occasion.

The prints in our ranges are unique on the market as they feature ink printing along the embossing. Again, a simple, minimalist feel and designs verging on abstract will appeal to people with strong sense of design who want something unusual and stylish.

Torn Edge was established as a partnership by two designers who happen to be sisters-in-law. Amelia Newton trained as a textile designer whilst Anna Newton used to work as an animator and graphic designer. Our work is designed both independently and collaboratively - we have different styles but remarkably similar taste!

Torn Edge provides also a bespoke service for special occasions such as weddings and we are happy to design fabrics to your requirements.

If you have any ideas you would like to discuss please contact us to find out how we can help.